Bill de Blasio Jokes that ‘Standards Were Lower’ Back When Sean Hannity Applied to the NYPD (Video)

The Fox News host interviewed the New York City mayor Wednesday night

During a Wednesday night interview with New York City mayor and presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio, Sean Hannity said he once almost joined the New York Police Department, and De Blasio got in a jab that even the Fox News host admitted was a good one.

“You can check it out,” Hannity began. “I applied to be a New York City police officer and got 99 on the test. I even passed the psychological. And the physical. And-”

“The standards were lower back then,” de Blasio joked.

“You’re such a jackass. That was a jackass comment, but it was very good,” Hannity responded. Watch the clip above.

De Blasio isn’t the only Democratic presidential candidate to appear on a Fox News program, but doing so puts him at odds with high profile candidates like Elizabeth Warren and  Kamala Harris, both of whom have declined invitations from the conservative-leaning network.

In defending his decision, de Blasio told NY1 on Monday, “[My interview] does not in any way change my criticism of News Corp. and Fox News, but it’s also right to acknowledge that millions and millions of Americans are watching and we shouldn’t stereotype them. A lot of those folks watching are working people who are listening for change in one form or another. And we need to speak to them too.”

“I think it’s important to challenge those right-wing voices,” he continued. “And while we’re having a presidential election, we have to speak to all of America.”

During Wednesday’s interview, the two skimmed a wide-array of topics, including immigration at the U.S./Mexico border, gun control, de Blasio’s tax plans, abortion rights, and the Green New Deal.