Bill Hader, Jimmy Fallon Spit Food and Drink All Over Each Other Playing Cops (Video)

We’d say both badly need a shower, but they each just got one

Last Updated: July 17, 2015 @ 8:24 AM

Don’t argue with Jersey Shore cops — especially when they have food in their mouths and a pulsing penchant for “P”-words.

Bill Hader dropped by “The Tonight Show” on Thursday to promote his new film, “Trainwreck,” and he left badly in need of a bath.

During the appearance, he and Jimmy Fallon played out “clips” from their fake old TV series, “Point Pleasant Police Department,” running back-and-forth from the desk set to the precinct one in real-time.

In the faux found footage, the two comics mostly just spit crackers, coffee and yogurt all over each other, among other food and drink products.

When Hader’s faux cop mustache began falling off early, he broke character, saying: “Oh man, this is the first beat of this thing.”

Neither “Saturday Night Live” alum could ever keep a straight face.

There were three acts overall, each grosser than the last — even announcer and writer Steve Higgins got a face full of pudding by the end.

The biggest laugh came from Hader just dousing Fallon with a milkshake — the final beat — so stick around for that.

Watch the video above.

“Trainwreck” chugged into theaters on Friday.

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