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Bill Maher Bashes Royal Wedding: ‘So Unimportant Even the Russians Aren’t Fixing It’ (Video)

”It’s gonna be great, when a B-list actress marries a man who will never be king,“ HBO host jokes

It’s safe to say that Bill Maher did not tune into the royal wedding on Saturday between Prince Harry and “Suits” star Meghan Markle. As the HBO host quipped on Friday night’s “Real Time,” it’s “an event so unimportant even the Russians aren’t fixing it.”

“To say I’m excited would not be accurate,” Maher said of the nuptials. “I already have my alarm set so I know exactly when to not giving a s—.”

Maher said he didn’t want to be a wet blanket for fans of the royal family who were keen to watch on Saturday. “It’s going to be great, when a B-list actress marries a man who will never be king in a country that doesn’t even matter.” Ouch.

Maher also took the opportunity to needle Prince Charles for his role in the ceremony. “On the bright side, the Queen finally found a job for Charles. Did you see, he’ll be walking Meghan Markle down the aisle, because who better as a happy-marriage good-luck charm than Prince Charles?”

Naturally, Maher also squeezed in another dig at President Donald Trump, who did not score an invite to the events in London. “In their honor, he said he would continue to royally screw Americans,” Maher joked.

Watch Maher’s whole monologue, including lots of other barbs aimed at the White House, above.

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