Bill Maher Calls Fox News the ‘Enema of the People’ (Video)

Because, ahem, “they’re so far up his ass”

Bill Maher returned from a summer hiatus on Friday to continue his needling of the usual targets, particularly President Donald Trump and the commander in chief’s preferred news source.

“This week he held two of his hillbilly Nuremberg rallies,” Maher noted in his opening monologue on HBO’s “Real Time.” “He calls the media the ‘enemy of the people — except, of course, for Fox News. They’re so far up his ass they’re the ‘enema of the people.’”

The comedian continued his thought with this observation: “We live in a country now where reporting reality gets attacked because it threatens the fantasy world created by the cult leader.”

Maher also expressed some glee in reports that the NRA filed a court document that the organization is in grave financial trouble.

“They say that they have already lost all their insurance coverage and soon may be unable to exist,” he said. “I feel bad for them. They say the only thing they own of real value is Congress.”

Maher also needled former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, now on trial as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Manafort’s lavish spending — including $1 million on suits, an ostrich jacket and cashmere jeans — came in for special ridicule.

“Hasn’t this motherf—er heard of cocaine?” Maher quipped.

Watch Maher’s full monologue above.