Watch Bill Maher’s Campaign Ad for Democrats That Mocks ‘Neurological Mess’ Trump (Video)

And, as a bonus, would you believe… a deep fake “pee tape”?

Bill Maher said that Democrats have to stop talking about “playing as dirty as the Republicans and start doing it” — and he’s gave them a head start by making a campaign ad for the 2020 presidential election that targets “Trump’s brain.”

“Ever since Democrats lost the 2016 election there’s been a backlash to the ‘when they go low, we go high’ approach,” Maher said on Friday’s “Real Time.” “But they never say what exactly it is we should do, just, ‘We gotta fight dirty.’ OK. But how?”

After recommending Democrats enlist “some reptilian scumbags of our own” to match the efforts of Republican “dirty tricksters on their payroll” — like Roger Stone, Karl Rove and Rudy Giuliani, Maher said — he then suggested focusing on Trump’s mental state.

“Trump is a neurological mess, but the Democrats are too scared to make an issue of it when actually it would cut together really well as a campaign ad,” the comedian said, cuing the video.

The ad showed the president mumbling and stumbling over his words, recalling how those who’ve known Trump in the past have said he’s “not the same person he was” and another saying he “may be having small strokes.” It ends with footage of the POTUS boarding Air Force One with toilet paper stuck on his shoe.

“No one wishes ill health on the president, but a country needs a leader to be there… a leader who is ALL there,” the ad concluded.

Maher added, “Make that go viral, would ya, because Democrats should really be running that for real.”

You can catch the faux ad above… followed by a “Real Time” creation of a deepfake of the infamous (and completely unsubstantiated) “pee tape.”