Bill Maher Complains That Halloween Costumes Are Too ‘PC’

But before you ask, “Real Time” host doesn’t bring up Megyn Kelly

Bill Maher Halloween

Bill Maher picked an interesting week to say Halloween has become too politically correct. He spoke out just days after Megyn Kelly’s hour of “Today” was canceled and her NBC future was threatened By her defense of blackface in costumes on her show.

But Maher didn’t even allude to Kelly during his commentary, which came at the end of the “New Rules” segment on Friday night’s episode of “Real Time.” Instead, Maher talked about how frustrated he was that liberals have become “the fun police.”

He started by poking fun at conservatives, noting that Halloween is “a reminder of everything they hate: fun, imagination, paganism, walking, gay pride, women dressing provocatively, kids demanding free hand outs.”

But then he pivoted to what he called “the trap we walk into every year.” Saying that he doesn’t care what people go as for Halloween, he complained that “the office of ‘scolding justice warriors’” has “decreed no hula girls, no Indian chiefs, no Southern belles, no ninjas, gypsies” and so on.

“Not everything that merely alludes to another culture is racist, or cultural appropriation,” he continued. “Halloween was always fun because it wasn’t PC. Not being PC was almost the whole point of the holiday. But now everything has to turn into a federal case of snowflakes v. humor.”

Maher then said that “the majority of America is with the Democrats on the issues, they just find the ‘woke’ people irritating as hell,” citing a recent poll which asserted that 80 percent of Americans consider political correctness to be a problem.

“If you’re not a statistician, let me break those numbers down for you: nobody likes you,” Maher continued. “When did liberals become the fun police? Does anybody remember when conservatives were the ones with sticks up their asses? We went from ‘yes we can’ to ‘oh no you didn’t.’”

But before you ask, Maher also didn’t bring up, or defend, blackface.