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Bill Maher: Congress ‘Wouldn’t Turn on Trump If They Found Out He Was Using the Eternal Flame to Light Farts’ (Video)

Sorry for the visual, JFK

Bill Maher torched President Donald Trump, the GOP, and really all of Congress last night with Friday’s final “New Rule.” Come to think of it, he kind of lit into every American — especially those of us in the media.

“Real Time’s” latest “New Rule” is the following: “Of all the fairy tales we’ve told ourselves here in America, the one we most need to get rid of now is, ‘In America, no one is above the law.'”

“When you don’t have to follow the orders of law enforcement, as Trump clearly doesn’t, you are above the law,” Maher explained away the lazy phrase.

After all, Trump’s virtually nonexistent participation record in all these ongoing investigations seems to indicate that this president doesn’t have to do what he’s told — even if the Constitution’s checks and balances say otherwise.

Maher points out that even in an impeachment scenario, a dozen politicians from the right side of the aisle would have to vote Trump out of office — something, the comedian says, is “not gonna happen.”

“We’re on the honor system and Republicans are fresh out of honor,” the HBO host fired.

Maher then called Congress a bunch of “shameless partisan enablers who wouldn’t turn on Trump if they found out he was using the eternal flame to light farts.”

Sorry for the visual, JFK.

Watch the video above.