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Bill Maher’s Recipe to Win the Presidency: ‘Just Be Less Crazy Than Donald Trump’ (Video)

”Most of America, all they want is to vote for someone who’s not weird. Play to them,“ ”Real Time“ host says

Last Updated: October 27, 2019 @ 7:07 AM

Bill Maher has what he believes is a simple way for Democrats to win back the White House in 2020: Presidential candidates have to stop acting weird.

“This should be easy — just be less crazy than Donald Trump,” the comedian said on his HBO series “Real Time” Friday night.

Maher told Democratic presidential hopefuls that they must ask themselves what would make voters say, “Trump’s right — I don’t like him, but I have no choice” but to vote for him.

Maher had a list to give candidates a hand.

He advised Bernie Sanders that giving imprisoned serial killers voting rights is a bad idea. Beto O’Rourke, taking away the tax-exempt status of any church that opposes gay marriage won’t get you black churchgoers’ votes, Maher said. And Elizabeth Warren wanting taxpayers to cover the cost of convicted killers getting sex change operations in prison, also a bad idea.

“So we’re taking this position because it makes a great campaign slogan?” Maher asked. “Commit a crime and get a free d—. Commit a crime and your new vagina is freeeee.”

“We’re trying to win an election here and this just feeds into what Trump is selling: Democrats are now the party of crazy politicians,” Maher said, adding, “Hey, Democrats, don’t make him believable on that, and you win.”

Maher expressed concern that the Democrats’ approach of going far left while campaigning in the primaries could push many voters to turn to Trump because, like Richard Gere says in “An Officer and a Gentleman,” they “got nowhere else to go.”

“So you can stop wearing your most divisive issues on your sleeve,” Maher said. “Instead of trying to make the people on the far left double dog like you, make some good people in the middle not hate you.”

“Most of America, all they want is to vote for someone who’s not weird,” Maher said. “Play to them and stop worrying that you’re gonna lose social justice warriors to Donald Trump.”

Watch the video above.