Bill Maher Compares GOP Debates Without Trump to a Battle of the Bands Featuring ‘the Other Women in Destiny’s Child’ | Video

Haley vs. Christie vs. DeSantis vs. Vivek facing off feels like a singing contest with no lead singers, the “Real Time” host quips

“Real Time” host Bill Maher compared this week’s fourth Republican primary debate without former president and leading candidate Donald Trump to “a battle of the bands between the other women in Destiny’s Child and the surviving members of The Doors.”

Those other Destiny’s Child members, including early members of the group other than Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, appeared in Beyoncé’s recent concert documentary “Renaissance.”

The debate was held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and hosted by conservative news network NewsNation. On Saturday, Trump himself weighed in on who he thought “won” the debate.

He wrote on Truth Social, “So many people are asking what I thought of history’s lowest rated ‘presidential’ debate, & how would I rate the players. It’s so easy to be a critic, but who on this subject would be better than me. To begin with, I thought Ron DeSanctimonious was terrible, with his bobble head facial movements & his walking on eggs, but that Sloppy Chris Christie was worse.”

“He’s not fit, mentally or physically, to be President plus, he suffers from TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome, at levels not seen before,” he continued. “In other words, he is a ‘sick puppy.’ On top of it all, his poll numbers are just 1%, in a class with ‘Aida’ Hutchinson. He’s dead, but so is Ron, whose weird bobbing head and fresh mouth, make his high heels look good – He’s walking on eggs!”

Trump concluded, “Birdbrain looked different & lost, but I give her second place. Vivek WINS because he thinks l’m great. The biggest loser was Megyn Kelly, what the hell happened to her? She has lost whatever she once had, which wasn’t very much. Some things never change!”

On Friday, the Republican National Committee announced it would not sponsor any debates in 2024. Candidates will now be allowed to participate in debates that are not sanctioned by the party.

Elsewhere in his monologue, Maher addressed “crazy right-wing s–t” happening in the conservative zeitgeist. He said, “The state of New Hampshire is proposing a ban on abortion that starts at 15 days after gestation. You’re not even pregnant yet — 15 days. Not weeks, days.”

“They asked the author of this bill, ‘What were you thinking?’” Maher added. “He said, “I don’t know, I never got past second base.”

Republican state Rep. Kristine Perez who sponsored the New Hampshire bill, has since apologized and admitted she did not review the bill draft before she signed her name to it. She issued a lengthy apology on Facebook on Wednesday.

Perez wrote, “HB 1248 does not represent the voice of my constituents. I have withdrawn my name as a co-sponsor. When I was first approached with the intent of this proposed Bill, I was told that it would offer lowering the existing limit of 6 months (24 weeks) without restrictions to 3.5 months (15weeks) without restrictions for pregnancy termination.”

“When the draft was released from Office of Legislative Services (OLS), I did not do my due diligence and neglected to review the proposal prior to agreeing to co-sponsor,” she continued. “This was my mistake and admittedly a grave one. I trusted but did not verify but this is not being offered as an excuse.”

She added, “I had heard from multiple constituents that they felt a 15-week limit was more in line with what they would be comfortable supporting. Based on that and prior to tentatively agreeing to this Bill I researched all the pregnancy clinics in NH that offer pregnancy termination including Planned Parenthood.”

“I found that medical abortions are only offered up to 10 to 11 weeks and aspiration, or dilatation procedures are offed between 13 to 15 weeks 6 days except for Planned Parenthood which offers aspiration procedures 14-16 weeks and dilatation procedures up to 21 weeks here in N.H.”

Perez concluded, “Although I am pro-life, I have said since first announcing my run for Representative that I would not have a personal agenda but instead be your voice. That continues to be my pledge. I am truly sorry that I potentially misrepresented your voice. It was not and is not my intention and therefore please accept my withdrawal as co-sponsor of HB 1248 proof of that.

“I made a mistake that I take full responsibility for.”

Watch the clip from Maher’s show in the video above.


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