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Bill Maher Destroys Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law: God’s ‘Itching to Hit West Hollywood’ (Video)

”Our gay battles are over cake,“ the HBO host jokes

Bill Maher closed out Friday’s “New Rules” segment by ripping apart Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law, and bringing its message closer to home. As he found, bigotry is not just limited to the middle of the country — where many coastal Americans like to believe it exists.

For example, idiotic California attorney Matt McLaughin proposed a ballot initiative to literally “kill the gays,” which Maher figuratively shredded during “Real Time.”

“Better that offenders should die than that all of us should be killed by God’s just wrath,” the Orange County lawyer had penned.

“If you believe that God wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah for being too gay, then, yeah — He must be itching to hit West Hollywood,” Maher joked to big applause.

Maher then took the one-sided discussion to a global level.

“Now, is California really going to consider Mr. McLaughlin’s gay-killing bill?” Maher added. “Of course not. But as batshit as this asshole is, just imagine if there was a whole country of Matt McLaughlins.”

“Well there is, it’s called Saudi Arabia,” the HBO host continued, calling for someone to update the Quran. “It’s called Iran. It’s called Pakistan. I could go on.”

He did, doling out a solid Hillary Clinton joke and handing some serious side-eye over to one of his panel guests in the process.

“There’s so much wrong with America these days, take pride in the one thing that’s so much better: We don’t let fundamentalists rule our shit,” Maher stated.

“What’s the proof?” the comedian concluded. “Our gay battles are over cake.”

Watch the video above.