Bill Maher Urges Donald Trump to ‘Stop Whining Like a Little Bitch’ (Video)

“This is a guy who actually brags about his prowess at whining,” the HBO host says

Bill Maher called out Donald Trump during the “New Rule” segment on HBO’s “Real Time” Friday night, comparing the presumptive GOP nominee to the perception that men had of women back in the 1950s.

“Donald Trump, who says if Hillary Clinton were a man she wouldn’t get 5 percent of the vote,” Maher said. “If Trump was a man he’d stop whining like a little bitch.”

Maher continued, “This is a guy who actually brags about his prowess at whining.”

The “Real Time” host made his case that nobody fits the stereotypically ’50s description of women better than the modern-day Trump.

“Irrational, pouty, vain, thin-skinned, hysterical and just not that bright, does that sound like anyone we know today?” the comic said.

“Who gets more hysterical than Lady Donald Trump?” Maher asked, noting how worked up the candidate gets over pet issues like Mexican immigrants, Muslims and building a wall.

“Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston was a panelist on the show and appeared amused by the rant.

Maher goes on to call Trump a “whiny little bitch” numerous times and we’re excited to see if The Donald responded via Twitter.

Check out the video above.