Bill Maher Calls Trump’s Relationship With Fox News ‘a Very Bad Axis of Evil’

“Their anecdotal, false racist view of the country is his view,” the “Real Time” host says of the POTUS and the conservative news network

Last Updated: October 27, 2017 @ 10:32 PM

Bill Maher pulled an old phrase out of former President George W. Bush’s playbook during Friday night’s “Real Time,” dubbing Donald Trump’s relationship with Fox News “a very bad axis of evil.”

“Fox News has become state TV,” Maher said.

“They were always, of course, Republican. It’s different now,” he added. “As all things with Trump, it’s worse. And this is a very bad axis of evil.”

He added: “The typical Fox viewer is now president — an old white guy with anger issues, we’re not sure why,” the host said.

Although the audience laughed, Maher got serious. “No really. And so their anecdotal, false racist view of the country is his view — and they know they have this viewership of one person. That’s all they have to please.”


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