Bill Maher Urges Rep. Adam Schiff to ‘Get In’ the Fox News ‘Bubble’ (Video)

“That’s who needs to hear your message,” “Real Time” host tells the Democratic House Intelligence chairman

Adam Schiff Bill Maher

Bill Maher has a surprising suggestion for the House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff: Go on Fox News more.

On Friday night’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the Democratic representative from California said that “the job of a member of Congress is not to get reelected; it’s to do the right thing and still find a way to get reelected.”

Maher agreed, but said that the problem is that “no one who needs to hear this is hearing it,” adding: “Do you get invited on Fox News?”

Schiff said that he goes on from time to time and although Sean Hannity invites him onto his show “a lot,” he doesn’t go all that frequently.

“You should go. That’s who needs to hear your message,” Maher said. “You gotta get in the bubble, man.”

“Here’s the thing about Fox News — and there are credible journalists on Fox News,” Schiff said, after which he paused and laughed, “Just trying to think of some.”

Schiff went on: “If there had been a Fox News when Richard Nixon was president, there would have been no premature end of his administration.”

Maher jumped in, saying, “Which is why you gotta go there, man!”

You can watch Maher’s interview with Schiff in the clip below.

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