Bill Maher Tells Hillary Clinton to Embrace GOP Stereotypes, Become ‘Notorious HRC’ (Video)

“My pantsuit is stitched together from the carcasses of the multitudes I have made disappear,” HBO host says, scripting the candidate’s response to critics

On his HBO show Friday night, comedian Bill Maher urged Hillary Rodham Clinton to not run from her negatives and the widespread belief among conservatives that she’s is crooked — but to use that to her advantage.

“Since half the country will believe an evil cartoon version of Hillary Clinton no matter what she says or does,” he said in his “New Rules” segment, “she has to embrace it.”

“This year, the voters are not in the mood for steady as she goes,” he said of the Democratic presidential nominee. “They want a ruthless mafia boss who will protect their frighten souls which is why Hillary has to own all the nasty things the haters say and run as the Notorious HRC.”

The host noted how Republican nominee Donald Trump has managed to win over many Americans despite his own high negatives.

“I just don’t get how Trump has been able to convince so many people that even though he’s a lying, cheating, conniving scumbag, that’s why we should vote for him — because he’s going to use all that on our enemies,” Maher said. “He brags about gaming the system…. He says nobody knows the system better than me which is why I alone can fix it.”

Maher sees a way to turn Clinton’s weaknesses to her advantage. “If America thinks it can only be safe right now with a lying, cheating sociopath, that could be good for Hillary because that’s what Republicans keep saying she is,” he joked.

“She should end every one of her campaign ads with, ‘I’m crooked Hillary and not only do I approve this message but I will cut a bitch,’” he said.

He noted that Republicans have spent the last three decades branding Clinton as “a serial killer, and a traitor, a terrorist mastermind, a sex-addicted lesbian and … a devil worshiper.”

He also cited a right-wing dossier alleging that Bill and Hillary Clinton had secretly killed more than 90 people — which she could spin to show her toughness compared to her angry-tweeting opponent.

“Hillary should say, ‘I can’t wipe out ISIS? Please. I will wipe them out and make it look like a skiing accident. … My pantsuit is stitched together from the carcasses of the multitudes I have made disappear,’” he said.

Then Maher’s argument took a decidedly “Orange Is the New Black” turn as he scripted her response to people who think she’s a criminal who belongs behind bars.

“People say, ‘Lock me up.’ Fine, lock me up. You think I’m scared of a stretch in the joint?” he said. “I could run this motherf–ka from the inside. El Chapo got nothing on me.”