Bill Maher: I’m ‘Glad’ David Koch Is Dead, ‘And I Hope the End Was Painful’ (Video)

“Real Time” host trashes the billionaire for supporting climate deniers a day after his death from prostate cancer

Bill Maher apparently doesn’t subscribe to the philosophy “never speak evil of the dead.” On Friday night’s “Real Time,” he said he’s “glad” billionaire conservative David Koch is dead, and he hopes “the end was painful.”

Maher’s harsh comments come following Friday’s announcement of the death of Koch, who had spent most of his life financing conservative causes, like climate-change denial, a hot topic around the world this week as the rain forest in Brazil spreads.

“Yesterday David Koch, of the zillionaire Koch brothers, died of prostate cancer. I guess I’m going to have to re-evaluate my low opinion of prostate cancer,” Maher said. “He was 79, but his family says they wish he could live longer… but at least he lived long enough to see the Amazon catch fire.”

He went on. “Condolences poured in from all the politicians he owned, and mourners have been asked in lieu of flowers to just leave their car engines running. As for his remains, he’s been asked to be cremated and have his ashes blown into a child’s lungs.”

The comedian said he was aware that his opinion of a dead man would be judged by many as being harsh, but he really didn’t care.

“I know these may seem like harsh words and harsh jokes, and I’m sure I will be condemned for them on Fox News, which will portray Mr. Koch as a principled libertarian who believed in the free market,” Maher said. “He and his brother have done more than anybody to fund climate-science deniers for decades, so f— him! The Amazon is burning up. I’m glad he’s dead and I hope the end was painful.”

You can watch Maher’s full monologue above.