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Bill Maher Imagines the Hideous Campaign Posters if Trump’s Family Runs for Office

Mid-show gag inspired by someone who said Trump has founded a “dynasty”

At the middle of Friday’s episode of “Real Time,” Bill Maher brought up a recent comment by a Trump campaign official who said the president’s family is a political “dynasty,” and then imagined what campaign posters for Trump’s family members might look like.

Earlier this week, Brad Parscale, the digital director for Trump’s reelection campaign, told Republican delegates in California that “the Trumps will be a dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican Party into a new party.” He later added, “I think they are all amazing people with . . . amazing capabilities.”

To that, Maher joked that they already have campaign posters for Trump’s family. And the posters were:

Jared Kushner — “When you get that ballot, I’m the face you wanna punch.”

Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. — “The douche doesn’t fall far from the bag.”

Melania 2024 — “The news is fake but the t— are real.”

Eric Trump — “Great America Make Again.”

Jared Kushner (again) — “Jewish, but not the weird kind who wear fur hats in the summer.”

Barron Trump 2052 — “Don’t change direction now. We’re so close to building that wall.”

Maher’s guests on Friday’s episode included Michael Moore as the top of the show interview, and Bari Weiss as the mid-show guest.

See the first Jared Kushner poster at the top of the page; we’ll add video as soon as it’s available.