Bill Maher Mocks a Bloomberg Presidential Bid: ‘It’s About Time Billionaires Got a Voice’ (Video)

Ex-New York mayor signaled intent to enter Democratic primary on Thursday

On Friday’s episode of “Real Time,” Bill Maher mocked the idea of Michael Bloomberg entering the Democratic presidential primary, and took some swipes at some of the other candidates, and their ages, while he was at it.

On Friday, the billionaire former mayor of New York City filed paperwork to appear on the ballot in the Alabama Democratic primary, and his spokesperson, spokesperson Jason Schechter, said he may formally announce his candidacy next week. The news comes months after the billionaire former mayor of New York said he wouldn’t run.

“Bloomberg is in! Well, sort of in. A man his age, it’s hard to tell,” Maher said after recapping the news. “But I say good, it’s about time billionaires got a voice and a place in the table in this country.”

“He’s got a great slogan,” Maher continued. “Sharper than Biden, richer than Trump, less Jewish than Bernie.”

Maher then touched on the advanced age of many Democratic party hopefuls.

“This is gonna be by far now, he’s 77, by far the oldest Democratic field we’ve ever had. It could come down to Bloomberg, Biden, Bernie and Tom Steyer. I don’t know what the debates are gonna be like,” Maher said. “But it won’t be a pissing contest.”