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Bill Maher Nicknames Trump Sons ‘Donny Douchebag’ and ‘Short Bus’ (Video)

”Real Time“ host takes on White House-Russia connection in Friday’s ”New Rules“

Bill Maher’s got this whole Trump-Russia connection figured out, and all of the key players get humorous mafia-style aliases in his version.

“The Russia scandal is complicated, and that makes a lot of people shrug it off,” Maher started off the main portion of Friday’s “New Rules” segment.

His staff set out to simplify the whole thing, so producers made one of those boards they use on cop shows — you know, the ones with all the pictures and that red yarn connecting their thumbtacks. Maher then went into the whole detective spiel, handing out nicknames like these three for President Trump: “Fat Donnie,” “Donnie Retweets” and “Edward Babyhands.”

The harshest A.K.A.s were probably saved for POTUS’ sons: Don Jr. got “Donny Douchebag” and Eric was dubbed “Short Bus.”

Watch the video above for more.