Bill Maher Accuses Nitpicking Democrats of Bashing Kamala Harris for Prosecutions… When She Was a Prosecutor (Video)

“No more swiping left on perfectly good presidential candidates,” “Real Time” host says

Last Updated: February 16, 2019 @ 12:12 PM

Bill Maher took a jab at Democrats on Friday’s “Real Time” for finding fault in 2020 presidential hopefuls like Sen. Kamala Harris.

“Let’s give them a chance. Let’s not eat our own the way we nitpicked Hillary to death, he said.

In his end-of-show “New Rules” segment, Maher called for the end of “swiping left on perfectly good presidential candidates,” adding that the pattern appeared to already be set in stone.

“Kamala Harris has already had to play defense because it’s come out that when she was a prosecutor… she prosecuted people,” he said firmly.

“Elizabeth Warren claimed to be Native American. So what? Trump claimed to be human,” he said, pointing out that the Massachusetts senator is the “champion of consumer rights in the age of income inequality.”

And Bernie Sanders? “We used to like him, but he didn’t personally chaperone everyone on his campaign, so he’s a sex monster once removed,” Maher said. “The candidate has to have tough standards for their staff, but not too tough,” he added, as a photo flashed of Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar, who has been accused of being too tough on her staff.

“I gotta ask, do you mean actually abusive or what millennials think of as abusive, because I think it’s like the pain chart in the hospital,” Maher said. “And I think my generation’s two is your generation’s 10. So welcome to the real world, snowflakes!”

You can watch Maher’s entire “New Rules” segment in the video above.