Bill Maher on Why Hunter Biden Trial Is Historic: ‘First Time Republicans Ever Objected to Someone Buying a Gun’ | Video

“The jury is looking at sex tapes of Hunter Biden and the rest of us are worrying his father couldn’t walk,” the Real Time Host jokes

Bill Maher on Hunter Biden

Bill Maher identified during his monologue on Friday’s “Real Time” why the Hunter Biden trial is historic. The reason is that it’s the “first time Republicans ever objected to someone buying a gun.” Yeah, checks out.

The younger Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is on trial for crimes committed while in the throes of drug addiction, including buying a gun while also under the influence of drugs.

Maher was skeptical about the import of the trial. “The big news this week is Hunter Biden’s trial — let’s get right to that — means absolutely f—ing nothing, but let’s get right to it because oh they may be obsessed with this.” Maher joked that Republicans, mad about Trump being convicted of multiple felonies, took up the attitude, “we’re gonna take down Hunter Biden, and the Democrats are like, ‘knock yourself, out we barely care about Joe Biden.”

“But this trial is all about one thing in America, which is very important: You cannot mix drugs and guns,” Maher joked.

He then ran through the prurient details from the case. “He was literally on crack and buying a gun, he almost had the pipe in his head, okay? The prosecutor gets up and says no one is above the law in this country. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your name is. Republicans stood up and fist-pumped and went ‘yeah!,’ and then they went, ‘Oh, wait.’

Obviously, Maher was juxtaposing Hunter Biden to Donald Trump with this joke.

Maher then joked about how Republicans have changed their minds on felont convictions since Trump was convicted on 34 felonies. “Usually to change this drastically in the space of two months, hormones are involved,” he joked.

“But if Hunter Biden does get convicted, this will be a historic first. It’ll be the first time Republicans ever objected to someone buying a gun,” Maher added.


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