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Bill Maher Pitches Anthony Weiner to Liberals: ‘We Need OUR Loudmouth Kick Ass New Yorker’ (Video)

“Democrats should be allowed to put our Alpha pervs back on the board,” the “Real Time” hosts says

Bill Maher rallied the liberal troops Friday night, hoping to generate a little excitement on the left by summoning their own “loudmouth, kick ass New Yorker who is up all night on social media”… aka Anthony Weiner or Eliot Spitzer.

“If the new normal is a president who has bragged about sexual assault and walking in on naked teenage beauty pageant contestants and who has spoken lustfully about his own daughter and once said of a fifth grader, ‘I’m going to date her in 10 years,’ tell me again why someone like Eliot Spitzer is so terrible,” Maher said on Friday night’s “Real Time.”

You may recall, the former NY governor resigned in disgrace after a hooker scandal, which Maher says “wasn’t cheating; he was having alternative sex,” adding that compared to President Trump’s Pussy Gate, Spitzer “is a choirboy.”

“Actually, a guy whose big crime is that he got a hooker, doesn’t even send that message enough… which is why we need this guy. Yeah, Anthony Weiner. Yes, another Jew who likes to pork,” Maher joked.

Weiner’s promising political career as a seven-term New York congressman ended in 2011 after a sexting scandal became public. His attempt to make a comeback with a run for New York City Mayor in 2013 similarly crashed and burned when a second sexting scandal became public — immortalizing the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” in the process. And in 2015, his marriage to Hillary Clinton confidante Huma Abedin ended after still a third scandal, reportedly involving a 15 year old girl, which went on to have a severe impact on the Clinton campaign.


“We need OUR loudmouth, kick ass New Yorker who is up all night on social media. Hey, you know what? At least when Wiener is playing with his phone at 3 a.m., he’s looking for love — Trump is starting a Twitter war with the Lands’ End catalog. Let’s not forget that Wiener fought like a pit bull for liberal causes and could have been the voice of the party if not for a mistake he made one time. OK, two times. Three. What does it matter how many times?!”

Check out the video above for a good chuckle.