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Bill Maher Praises Bernie Sanders’ ‘New Deal,’ Slams ‘Diabolical’ Ted Cruz (Video)

HBO host tells Jimmy Kimmel that the Democratic winner of the New Hampshire primary is introducing voters to ideas that have ”never been on the table“

Bill Maher praised Bernie Sanders for “putting things on the table that no ones put on the table before” just a few hours after the Democratic presidential candidate beat Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary.

“I like Hillary a lot, but not as much as Bernie — we’ve never had a leftist in my life time, a true leftist,” he said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “He’s putting things on the table that no one’s put on the table before. Is he going to win in the South? Probably not. He’s a socialist Jew who is a hundred.”

Maher went on to compare Sanders’ plan of becoming more like “Western European democracy” to FDR’s New Deal.

“People have never seen this product before,” he added. “People didn’t know they didn’t want an iPhone until they put it in the window and everyone bought it. I call it the New Deal, like FDR’s New Deal. He is saying we could be more like a Western European democracy, where you pay a little more taxes but look what you get: Free college, free health care, go after the banks… this has never been on the table.”

He reminded the audience that Clinton is still good, “like when you’re on the plane and you don’t get your first choice, eat the chicken.”

When Kimmel asked Maher whom he would vote for if he was forced to vote for a Republican candidate, Maher responded that he would “kill” himself, and went on to trash candidate Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz is always the worst,” Maher said.”He’s smart and evil . The others are true dummies, like Rubio, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Cruz is diabolical, he’s really smart, and I really hate this about him — he’s smart but he knows what to say to his dummy base that they will believe.”

Watch the video.