Bill Maher Rips Trump-Kim Summit as a ‘Feckless Stunt’ (Video)

“All the critics are saying, and they’re right, that nothing came of this,” HBO comic says

Bill Maher on Friday took a very Samantha Bee-like tack in his “Real Time” monologue, ripping President Donald Trump’s summit meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as “a feckless stunt.”

“All the critics are saying, and they’re right, that nothing came of this,” Maher said. “It was two people who lie about everything who signed a deal that was specific a about nothing. I would say it was a feckless stunt.”

Bee, the host of TBS’ “Full Frontal,” came under fire earlier this month for ripping first daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump as a “feckless c–t.”

Maher also ripped the president for his effusive praise of Kim. “Trump cannot stop talking about what a great guy Kim is — ‘He’s a great negotiator … He’s a funny guy,” the comic said.

“Kim is a funny guy?” Maher asked, before riffing, “You know, he does this one bit — so funny — where he will throw three generations of your family in jail if you’re listening to a radio that’s not on the government station.”

Then he added the button: “And then he segues right into his bit about how many North Koreans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None, we have no electricity.”

Finally, Maher noted that while Trump turned 72 when he was in Singapore for the summit — a fact that was greeted from applause by at least one audience member, which took the left-leaning comic by surprise.

“Oh, Trump people are welcome — insane, but welcome,” he said, before delivering his intended punchline.

“They threw him a big party in the hotel suite and then the hookers peed ‘Happy Birthday’ on the bed,” he joked.

Watch the full monologue above.