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Bill Maher Says Donald Trump ‘Never Brought a Woman to Orgasm’ (Video)

”He probably thinks it doesn’t even exist in a woman,“ Maher says

Bill Maher laid into Donald Trump on Friday, mocking the administration’s bogus claims that the crowd at his inauguration were bigger than they actually were.

“This is about d–k,” Maher said,pointing to his nether regions. “This is about a guy who never brought a woman to orgasm! He probably thinks it doesn’t even exist in a woman.”

During his opening monologue, the “Real Time” host picked apart Trump’s first week in office comparing it to last half-hour of “Goodfellas.”

“You know when Ray Liotta is coked out of his mind and doing ten things at once?” Maher said. “He’s dropping off a trunk full of handguns and he’s making spaghetti sauce and the helicopters are chasing him.”

Maher then slammed Trump for “signing executive orders in these super-classy leather binders that look like the menu at Beefsteak Charlie’s.”

“Let’s see I’ll throw out the Mexicans, bring back torture and the lady will have the filet,” Maher joked.

Maher called the flurry of executive orders over the last few days, “just signed tweets.”

“We’re going to build a wall, done. No more Obamacare, done. I want a pony, done,” Maher said.

“It can’t really go on like this for four years, can it?” Maher asked. “I’m gonna lose my mind.”

Watch the video above.