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Bill Maher Says ‘Fast-Talking City Slicker’ Trump Is an ‘A–hole, But Not a Hick’ (Video)

”Real Time“ hosts says Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are ”city mice, and that’s who a consummate New Yorker like Donald Trump relates to“

Many Republicans freaked out that President Trump reached across the political aisle to cut a DACA deal with Democrats earlier this month, but Bill Maher says it’s really not that complicated — all you have to do is read the children’s book “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse.”

“Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, they’re city mice, and that’s who a consummate New Yorker like Donald Trump relates to,” Maher said on Friday night’s “Real Time.”

“It’s not political. It’s just that for the first 70 years of his life he would never be caught dead hanging around with a traveling Bible salesman like Paul Ryan or a corny, countrified goober like Mitch McConnell,” Maher said.

“And Mike Pence,” Maher continued. “He literally won’t dine with an unchaperoned woman. Meanwhile, Trump has spent his entire life posing with a s–t eating grin that says ‘look at all the p—y I’m getting!”

That, Maher said, is the existential crisis of our president: “He’s an a–hole but not a hick.”

“When he tells a crowd, as he often does, ‘I love you,’ what he means is that in middle-America he found something he had long ago run out of in New York: suckers,” the comedian said. “Trump voters were played for rubes by the ultimate fast-talking city slicker who saw vulnerable people nervous about jobs and the melting pot getting too melty and he told them he’d build a great wall and get their jobs back at the mine, and they said ‘Where do I sign?’

“Folks,” Maher added, “you didn’t make America great again; you enrolled in Trump University.”

Check out the video above.