Bill Maher Scolds Liberals for ‘Making Every Offense a Firing Offense’ (Video)

“Conservatives govern without shame, and liberals shame without governing,” HBO host says

Bill Maher on Friday scolded liberals for being too focused on pyrrhic victories in the culture wars and losing sight of how conservatives dominate politics at both the national and state level.

“Conservatives govern without shame, and liberals shame without governing,” Maher said during his closing monologue on HBO’s “Real Time.”

“Our current and possibly permanent president can appoint Scott Baio to the next Supreme Court vacancy, he can pardon himself, and I wouldn’t put it past him to cancel the next election,” he said.

Meanwhile, Maher castigated liberals for focusing on issues like Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets while losing sight of the bigger picture. “We’ve all become too comfortable with playing the clean-out-your-desk card,” he said, noting “the joy that liberals seem to take in vaporizing people and making every offense a firing offense.”

After ABC canceled Barr’s sitcom, Maher said, “Snowflakes on the left and the right published full lists of everyone they’ve ever been offended by who should also be fired immediately. I was the only one who made many lists on both sides.”

“I’m often surprised how often liberals I talk to think that we’re winning. We, who control nothing. Winning?” he said. “We get to banish actors. Liberals control the culture, yes, but right now wouldn’t you rather control the border?”

He then laid out the dilemma in this way: “We have lost — liberals — the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, Kanye. Our symbolic victories are the only victories we get now.

“They get to cut their own taxes, rip up the safety net and make coal a vegetable,” he joked. “We get to banish actors.”

Watch his full rant above.