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Bill Maher Says ‘Skip the Civil War’ After Election: ‘No Other Country Will Take Us’ (Video)

“If liberals lose, we won’t loot Foot Locker. And if you lose, you won’t loot the Treasury,” Maher urges

Bill Maher appealed for calm in his final “Real Time” episode ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election.

“No matter which side wins on Tuesday, let’s skip the civil war and go right to reconciliation,” Maher said, noting that a recent poll showed 34% of voters expect a Civil war within the next five years.

“I’d like to remind them of one thing: America is a family and the definition of family is people who hate each other without resorting to violence,” he said. “We have to see each other not as mortal enemies but rather merely as roommates from hell.”

Maher urged both sides to find a peaceful resolution to their differences. “Let’s not have a civil war with the Trumpers,” he said. “We’re no good at war and they’re no good at being civil.”

“Take it from someone who has traveled this country my whole life: There are no red states or blue states. They’re all like Mitch McConnell’s hands — some shade of purple,” Maher joked.

He then proposed a “grand bargain” for both sides no matter what the results of the election turn out to be: “If liberals lose, we won’t loot Foot Locker. And if you lose, you won’t loot the Treasury.”

Maher went on to criticize some liberals who have suggested “positive effects” from looting — as well as the federal government’s questionable financial support of corporations that he called “looting on a much grander scale,” including a $765 million to Kodak to develop coronavirus drug treatments. “One small problem — Kodak doesn’t make drugs, they make cameras in 1985,” the comedian said.

He concluded with a final plea for unity. “Please, whatever happens Tuesday, let’s find a way to live together,” he said. “We have to — because no other country will take us.”

Watch the full “New Rules” segment above.