Bill Maher Rubs California States’ Rights in Conservatives’ Faces: ‘We da Rebels Now!’ (Video)

“We are trying to defend our way of life here and what we believe in,” says “Real Time” host

Last Updated: September 16, 2017 @ 8:58 AM

Conservatives have often pointed to states’ rights to defy federal laws — and Bill Maher says left-leaning California is finally getting in on the action.

“Now that Gov. Jerry Brown of California is signing separate climate change treaties with China in defiance of our federal government, conservatives can’t complain,” Maher said on his HBO show “Real Time” on Sunday night.

“They can’t complain when our local law enforcement refuses to cooperate with Trump’s deportation squad. They can’t grouse about California cities threatening to deny contracts to any firm that helps build the border wall. They can’t get mad because we’re just following in a long and hallowed conservative tradition called states’ rights.”

Maher pointed out that the script has flipped from the 1960s, when Alabama Gov. George Wallace physically blocked the door of the University of Alabama to prevent black students from enrolling.

“Now the white supremacists are the federal government, and it’s liberal states that are under siege from federal overreach,” Maher said. “We are trying to defend our way of life here and what we believe in. We believe in sanctuary cities and pollution control and legalized pot and gun control and Obamacare and a woman’s right to choose… and we’re going to defend them. We da rebels now!”

Maher did his best deep-south accent to make his point. “We don’t need no outside agitators with their ‘Make America Great Again’ caps coming in here to our clean state and telling us to take down our solar panels,” he said with an over-the-top drawl. “And in our state, we use Tiki torches the way they’re supposed to be used — for lesbian weddings on the beach.”

Watch the clip above.