Bill Maher Tells ‘Conned’ Trump Supporters to ‘Stop Being Stupid’ (Video)

“It’s not easy to admit that you’ve been taken by a con man,” the “Real Time” host says of disillusioned Trump voters

Bill Maher’s tolerance for Donald Trump is, let’s just say, not great. But now the comedian and host of HBO’s “Real Time” is taking aim at the new president’s supporters.

“America needs more Republicans like this guy,” Maher said, referring to a photo of a man holding a “I’ve made a huge mistake” sign. Although the guy could have been on a tear about his choice of apartments, wardrobe or barbers, Maher assumed it was politically motivate. “This man should be commended, and not just for being the first Trump voter to get all the spelling right on a sign, but because it’s not easy to admit that you’ve been taken by a con man.”

Maher pointed out that a lot of the promises that Trump has made and that America has eaten up are already proving to be to their detriment.

“I know you real Americans hate being called stupid, [but] you gotta meet me halfway and stop being stupid,” Maher said. “I would say that Trump is a used car salesman but with a used car salesman at least you get a car. With Trump, you don’t get any car but you definitely get taken for a ride.”

Promising “insurance for everybody… much less and much expensive,” as Trump put it, turned out to be a plan that was a “giant tax cut for the rich, paid by kicking 24 million people off their health insurance,” Maher said. “What a truly novel approach to making health care less expensive – saving money but not giving people health care. It’s like saving money on your kids’ education by letting them stay home and watch ‘Judge Judy.’”

The comedian went on to talk about “con man Trump,’” his promises… and his vocabulary. “You elected every cheap huckster who you should have known was full of s–t because he was always promising the moon. Everything is always ‘foolproof’ and ‘a hundred percent.’”

“So, what do you like better: ‘winning so much you’re tired of winning’ or having your ‘head spin’?” he asked. A montage of Trump using those phrases climaxed with one of the POTUS saying, “I will give you everything! I will give you what you’ve been looking for for 30, 40, 50 years.”

That drew a blank stare from Maher and single comment: “Really? Everything?”

Watch the full clip above.