Bill Maher Says VP Wannabes at Trump Trial Are Why He Keeps Falling Asleep in Court: ‘He’s Counting His Sheep’

“It’s all funny until it’s the law,” the “Real Time” host jokes about Trump supporting politicians who showed up at his trial

Bill Maher Trump Trial Monologue Real Time

Bill Maher returned to the subject of what he’s been calling a “slow moving coup” during his monologue on Friday’s “Real Time,” by which he meant the various authoritarian actions and vice-signaling that has become a requirement for ambitious Republicans.

Case in point, the Republican politicians like Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and Senator Tommy Tuberville, and other right wing sycophants who’ve been showing up this week outside of the courthouse where Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial is under way.

Maher specifically mocked one group of these people that included failed GOP primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who wore matching suits and red ties. Maher noted that they all dressed like Trump himself, joking, “it’s all funny until it’s the law.”

He got to this topic first by bringing up the news this week that President Joe Biden and Trump have agreed to have two presidential debates. Joking that their statements about the debates were an attempt to attract younger voters, Maher noted, “something else Gen Z is not interested in at all is the trial going on in New York, with the stormy Daniels hush money trial,” he said. “Yeah, kids don’t care. Well, when stormy Daniels was a porn star, I mean most of her work was on VHS. Not even not even DVD and certainly not blu ray.”

Maher then told a few jokes about Michael Cohen, which brought him to the subject of Trump’s Republican cheer squad.

“So I’ve been using the peppy little phrase, ‘slow moving coup.’ since before Trump got elected, and here’s the next phase that happened this week. I don’t know if you saw this in the paper, wherever you get your news, but the Republicans have been showing up at the trial… Dressed like Trump,” he said.

“I know. It’s all funny until it’s the law,” he added.

“JD Vance was there, and Vivek Ramaswamy, Tommy Tuberville, the Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. No wonder Trump falls asleep in the trial. He’s counting his sheep,” Maher quipped.


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