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Bill Maher: Trump’s Narcissism Is a ‘Serious, Dangerous Mental Illness’ (Video)

”We have to stop treating that like it’s an unfortunate personality tick,“ comedian says on ”Real Time“

Bill Maher took a shot at President Trump’s mental wellness on Friday’s “Real Time,” saying his narcissism “isn’t a quirk like having a fear of clowns… it’s in the Big Book of Crazy.”

With the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment — the one about removing a president who is incapacitated – in the news these days, Maher flashed a photo of Trump on the screen and asked, “Someone has to explain to me if it wasn’t written specifically for this guy, then who is it for?

“I know that everyone knows by now that Trump is a narcissist, but we have to stop treating that like it’s an unfortunate personality tick and start treating it like what it is: a serious, dangerous, mental illness,” he added.

Maher said that Trump’s narcissistic tendency “isn’t a quirk like having a fear of clowns or calling your wife ‘mommy.’ It’s in the Big Book of Crazy. Trump sets up a hundred bombs a week and we chase all of them.”

All of the POTUS’ “flaws,” Maher said, are “outgrowths from one thing.”

“Narcissism is why Trump can be a traitor and think he’s a patriot, because it’s like what JFK said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for ME,'” Maher joked. “And narcissism is why we have a foreign policy based entirely on whether or not when our leader meets your leader, he thinks they like him,” Maher continued.

“All you gotta do is say something nice. Donald Trump is the world’s cheapest date!”

Watch Maher’s New Rules in the clip above.