Bill Maher Urges Congress to Lead by Hollywood’s Example: ‘Hate Each Other’s Guts’ but Still ‘Get Great Things Done’ (Video)

“Here in terrible, horrible, immoral show business, we hate each other and yet we still do our jobs,” the “Real Time” host said

Bill Maher has an interesting solution to bring about peace between Republicans and Democrats and get some actual work done for the country. And where better to turn for an example of how to work with people you despise and still turn out a good product than Hollywood?

On Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the host and comedian began by revisiting the disrespectful display by the right during President Biden’s State of the Union address and warning that “someday soon an actual brawl breaks out on the floor of Congress,” and when that happens, “don’t say, I didn’t tell you it was coming.”

Showing footage of Marjorie Taylor Greene acting up at the State of the Union address, Maher asked, “Why is this chick so hyperactive? She looks like ‘Cocaine Bear.’ I mean, if she actually were four years old and acted out this much, they’d arrest her stepfather. Honey, sit down. This is Congress, not the Waffle House at three in the morning. It’s Ok to be crazy, just stop being so needy.”

But as Maher sees it, the flow of outbursts and the constant verbal battles between the sides is “the canary in the coal mine,” warning the country that democracy is in danger. He does have a suggestion, however, as to how liberals and conservatives can get along and actually get the government working again – take a lesson from Hollywood.

“Maybe in the past I would’ve said we need to find a way to love and respect each other again, but honestly, I think that bus has sailed, which is why tonight I’d like to suggest that our political leaders learn a lesson from the people who work in one of America’s most successful industries. This one, show business, and understand something very fundamental — you can get great things done and still hate each other’s guts.”

“It would be easier to name great movies where the principles didn’t hate each other,” Maher said. “The editor of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ said Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy didn’t want to touch each other, they didn’t want to look at each other, they wouldn’t face each other if the camera wasn’t actively rolling. But the movie works. Director Roman Polanski hated his leading lady Faye Dunaway so much, he refused to give her a bathroom break so she [peed] in a cup and threw it in his face. The movie they made together: “Chinatown,’ which ironically is about hoarding water.”

And he continued with more examples, from Eddie Murphy and “Coming to America” director John Landis not getting along to Debra Winger hating Shirley MacLaine so much during the filming of “Terms of Endearment” that she farted in MacLaine’s face. “But the movie didn’t stink,” Maher joked.

“Why can’t it work in governments?” he asked. “Because I am telling you the list of people who sucked it up and said, ‘I know we hate each other, but we got a movie to make is long and impressive.”

“Government needs to learn to do the same thing. Yes, here in terrible, horrible, immoral show business, we hate each other and yet we still do our jobs — turning your children communist and gay.”

Watch the entire New Rules segment in the clip at the top.