Bill Maher Urges Liberals to ‘Stop Trying To Win Over Trump Voters With Facts’ (Video)

“Real Time” host accuses Trump detractors of “clinging to false hope”

Bill Maher thinks it’s time liberals wake up and smell the coffee about flipping Donald Trump supporters to their way of thinking.

“Liberals have to stop trying to win over Trump voters with facts. You’re wasting your breath… and you’re going to need it because the air isn’t getting any better,” the comedian said during his Friday night show “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

“The point is, Trump supporters aren’t changing their minds because the problem isn’t in the mind. It’s lower. It’s emotional,” Maher said. “Stop clinging to false hope that if we just share this Facebook story about the time that he tried to have lunch with Frederick Douglass or high-fived Stevie Wonder or criticized Obama for playing golf and now he plays more golf! You’re preaching to the yoga studio.”

Maher believes that Trump supporters are here to stay, and that given the chance, they’d vote for him again.

“The question is why? Why do they stick with him?” Maher asked. “I think it’s because of a gut feeling that the world has changed, and they don’t like it and Trump is going to change it back to the way it was. … This is why building that stupid wall is still the key issue for them, because it represents keeping out not just immigrants but everything that’s new and different and scary and unfamiliar.”

Watch the clip above.