Bill Murray Jumps Out of Cake for David Letterman, Leads Chant in NYC Streets for ‘Late Show’ Host to Stay (Video)

“Groundhog Day” star huddles native New Yorkers and Big Apple tourists to protest Letterman calling it quits

Bill Murray

We’re all going to miss David Letterman — perhaps not as much as Bill Murray will, however.

The longtime friend of “The Late Show” popped out of a cake to say goodbye Dave on Tuesday night, coating him with eggs, sugar, flour and whatever icing is made of in the process. He then spent the next few segments trying to convince his pal to stay in the game.

“I can’t lean on you as a friend, I can’t put any pressure on you as a friend,” Murray started. “I don’t want to be the person to say, you know, that you have to do this — I just think that the people have to speak.”

“I don’t think my place is here trying to crowbar you into staying for another 30 years, I don’t think I should do that,” he continued. “I think this is really something that is up to the American people to do, and I’m just going to be one person to try to organize this. If you’ll excuse me …”

With that, Murray left the studio and took to the streets, recruiting others to help him chant: “All we are saying, is more Worldwide Pants!”

Unfortunately, not many of the New Yorkers bothered to pay attention to the details of the cheer from the cake-clad comic.

Watch Murray jump out of a cake for Dave:

And watch Bill lead a New York City chant:

Finally, here’s Murray through the years on “The Late Show”: