Bill Murray Does FDR in ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’ (Video)

Bill Murray continues the tradition of "SNL" alum imitating presidents — except, you know, seriously this time

Last Updated: March 5, 2013 @ 11:25 AM

Plenty of "Saturday Night Live" cast members have adopted the persona of a U.S. president. Not many of them have done so in seriousness, however.

"SNL" alum Bill Murray plays former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the upcoming historical drama "Hyde Park on Hudson." The film chronicles an affair between FDR and his distant cousin Margaret Suckley, in the context of a weekend in 1939 when the King and Queen of England visited upstate New York.

Laura Linney plays Suckley, while Olivia Williams plays FDR's wife, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Dare we hope for a day when Adam Sandler will play LBJ on the big screen, or Horatio Sanz tackles the role of Grover Cleveland?

"Hyde Park on Hudson" opens on — yes, really — Dec. 7. Check out the trailer and decide for yourself if it's a day that will live in infamy.