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Bill Murray Gives Quirky Quarantine Advice From His Bubble Bath (Video)

He recommends one 14-year-old cure her boredom by bug-proofing the house

Bill Murray visited Jimmy Kimmel’s at-home talk show on Wednesday night, not only from the comfort of his own home, but from his bathtub.

The Charleston, South Carolina local filled up his bath to the brim over the course of the interview and made it as bubbly as he possibly could as he answered questions kids had sent Kimmel in quarantine.

Murray had an interesting answer for one 14-year-old girl asking how to cure her boredom.

“I think you’ll be surprised how many insect infestations are happening now,” Murray said. “I think she should move around the perimeter of the house — people use baking soda, baking powder, that kind of thing — she should just sprinkle the house around it. Neighbors that you don’t get along with will see that and they won’t be coming by any longer, so that’s gonna help the family.”

Love that for her.

Next, a girl named Flor wrote in to ask if she should eat someone else’s gelato that she found in the freezer.

“Flor, it’s a free concert. That’s the people’s gelato,” he said. Then he suggested she make her father an affogato by pouring coffee over it. “Then you’ll become the favorite child.”

A boy named Ryder wrote in to ask if he should let his dad cut his hair since there are no barbershops open.

Murray said that growing up, his family had too many kids to take everyone to the barbershop, so he got used to having his parents cut his hair. He suggested Ryder just cut it himself.

“I now cut my own hair,” he said. “I do it myself, and it looks better.”

For more bathtub antics, watch the clip above.