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Bill O’Reilly Attacks Secular ‘Zealots’ Going After Indiana Pizza Shop (Video)

”No question, it is open season on Christians,“ O’Reilly says

Bill O’Reilly delved into the controversial Indiana law Thursday and its bigger impact on Christians in America.

“All hell broke loose on the store as secular zealots threatened all kinds of things,” O’Reilly said about the incoming fire “Memories Pizza” has drawn after the owner said they wouldn’t serve same-sex marriages.

O’Reilly painted a picture of victimized religious Christians in America, under attack by the media and a mob mentality going after them for simply adhering to their beliefs.

He then took on Christian leaders for their lack of push back against the religious freedom opposition: “Therefore, the anti-religious people have a free fire zone to attack at will.”

During the segment, O’Reilly took shots at one of his favorite targets, “well-known religious hater” Bill Maher.

“His vicious behavior toward Christianity—largely ignored in the press.”

The Indiana law that sparked O’Reilly’s comments has set off a firestorm for over a week, moving all the way down from Governor Mike Pence to a local pizza shop who solicited mass backlash after saying they wouldn’t serve a same-sex marriage.

After closing down its doors in the face of death threats Wednesday, the store has drew in over $500,000 in donations from supporters as of Friday.

Watch the video.

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