Bill O’Reilly Battles Jorge Ramos: ‘You’re an Activist!’ (Video)

“You’re not a newsman anymore. You’re an advocate now,” Fox News host says

Bill O’Reilly took on Univision/Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos on Wednesday, getting into it with him over whether he is an advocate or journalist.

The segment began with evaluating the value and feasibility of the border wall Donald Trump vows he’ll build as president, but quickly mutated into a tit-for-tat over Ramos’ advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform.

O’Reilly asked Ramos how he can cover the topic impartially when he is a supporter of “amnesty.”

“I’m just a reporter,” Ramos said. O’Reilly disagreed.

“You’re not. You’re an activist!” O’Reilly replied. “Why don’t you just become like me, a commentator? You’re not a newsman anymore. You’re an advocate now.”

Ramos countered that O’Reilly isn’t the person to lecture about journalism vs. activism: “You spend most of your program giving opinions without asking questions.”

The popular Mexican-American anchor was kicked out of a Donald Trump press conference last month but later let back in.

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