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Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly Talk Abraham Lincoln, Muffins (Video)

The talk show hosts chat about muffins that didn't cost $16 and O'Reilly's new book

Bill O'Reilly got in the first little jab when he appeared on "The Daily Show" last night, but was mostly friendly with host Jon Stewart — just as he was with the panelists on ""The View."

"The O'Reilly Factor" host is promoting his new book, "Killing Lincoln," which Stewart praised. The book is about President Lincoln's assassination.

"By the way, it is an excellent book, and a nice read," Stewart said.

"Somebody read it to you?" O'Reilly asked, and then chuckled.

Check out the video from "The Daily Show" chat, which also includes a discussion of O'Reilly's (empty) threat to quit his job if he's taxed too highly. They also talked about reports that government employees ate $16 muffins — and finding out that they didn't really cost $16.