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Bill O’Reilly Tears into Media Coverage Of Malaysia Flight: ‘We’re Not Being Told The Truth’ (Video)

The Fox News host lit into media ”charlatans“ who ”denigrated the entire journalism industry“

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly acknowledged he was not a genius, but it was obvious what happened to Flight MH370 and his cable news rivals exploited the story to manipulate viewership.

“The media misled you,” O’Reilly exclaimed on “O’Reilly Factor’s” Monday episode. “It allowed charlatans to put forth preposterous theories, and that denigrated the entire journalism industry.”

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O’Reilly also took a shot at the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple who criticized the Fox News anchor’s media criticism as nonsense.

“It is simply incredible that the The Washington Post would pay a man as foolish as that,” O’Reilly said. “The guy who said it’s nonsense, to do anything for them.”

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O’Reilly told his viewers that he had been giving the truth since the beginning and was getting grief despite being right all along.

“You guys watch this broadcast to get the truth. I gave you the truth last week. Seven full days before the announcement today. For doing that, I got hammered by some dishonest contemptible media people,” he said. “You just saw one on that clip. They embarrass themselves, but they don’t care. Now, I’m proud we got the story right as usual. We will always tell you the truth on The Factor. And we will always present facts to back it up. And that’s the memo.”

Watch the video: