Bill O’Reilly Thinks Black Lives Matter Is Pulling ‘Radical Gestapo Tactics,’ Says He’s Covered Black Murder the Most (Video)

“The reporter in this country who has shed the most light on young black men being killed is… that would be me,” Fox News host says

Bill O’Reilly teed off on the growing Black Lives Matter movement on Wednesday, and accused the group of trying to intimidate reporters with “gestapo tactics.”

“Their message means nothing if they do these gestapo tactics — they lose all credibility,” the Fox News primetime host said to guest Jehmu Greene. O’Reilly was peeved by an event where organizers of the group told a white reporter to move to the back.

Greene said she understands the group’s anger, as the media and politicians don’t focus an equal amount of attention on black people who are murdered, compared to white people.

He then asked her to name a reporter in America who has done the most to shed light on young black men being murdered in America. Greene couldn’t provide an answer, but O’Reilly sure could.

“That would be me,” he said.

One of the group’s founders hit back at O’Reilly on Thursday for his criticisms of the group. On HuffPost Live, Patrisse Cullors said she was “mortified” by the Fox News host and his statements “fuel anti-black racism.”

Watch the video.