ESPN’s ‘Mike & Mike’ Respond to Bill Simmons Fight: ‘He’s Absolutely Right’ (Video)

“I wasn’t particularly happy with what he said about our show,” Mike Golic added. “I told him that, I didn’t like that”

Mike Greenberg Mike Golic

ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” radio hosts Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg addressed the present issue with Bill Simmons on Friday morning’s show, admitting a clip they aired of the self-proclaimed “Sports Guy” lacked context.

That said, the duo didn’t take kindly to Simmons bashing their show on Twitter.

The beef began a day earlier when “Mike & Mike” aired and reacted to an audio soundbite of Simmons discussing LeBron James‘ poor return to Cleveland thus far. One day later, the two Mikes somewhat punted the blame to whoever both cut the clip and summarized Simmons’ statements in written form for them.

“I certainly reacted strongly,” Golic admitted of the prior show.

Greenberg said: “When I went back and I read everything that had actually been said, I realized that in the substance of what he’s mad about, he’s absolutely right.”

After Simmons reacted aggressively on Twitter, both radio hosts called their colleague individually. Greenberg said the two hashed it out over a five-minute chat, and that everything is pretty much fine there now.

Golic added that he and Simmons played some phone tag on Thursday, but finally caught each other mid-afternoon. He would not reveal the context of that conversation, but made a point to insist that reaching out was his choice and not the request of their shared employer.

“We agreed on some things and we disagreed on some things,” Golic said. “I wasn’t particularly happy with what he said about our show. I told him that, I didn’t like that.”

“Bottom line is we talked and we worked things out,” Golic said, adding that there was no cursing on the call.

On Thursday, Simmons called the airing of the snippet from his appearance on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN Radio show “absolute garbage” and tweeted of “Mike & Mike in the Morning”: “I would say I lost respect for that show, but I never had it.”

“Have the balls to call me to discuss it on the show,” Simmons added, calling the move “Pathetic.”

Watch the video: