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Billboard Criticized for Naming Ariana Grande ‘Gay Icon of Her Generation’

โ€The fact that she’s named a gay icon when there are hundreds of openly queer celebs is ridiculous,โ€œ writes one Twitter user

Billboard is taking social media heat for naming singer Ariana Grande “the gay icon of her generation.”

On Wednesday, the music publication rolled out an article titled, “8 Reasons Ariana Grande Is the Gay Icon of Her Generation.” According to Billboard, what makes the young singer a “gay icon” is her love and support for the LGBTQIA community (including her brother, Frankie, who identifies as gay), her mirroring of other female singers who are embraced by the community — like Diana Ross — and her music, which Billboard says is popular among gay men.

But some people do not agree with Billboard. Many believe that just because a non-LGBT musician’s work resonates with gay men, it doesn’t make that musician a “gay icon.”



Meanwhile, others have pointed out that other non-LGBT female singers — like Madonna and Britney Spears — have previously been heralded as gay icons.

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