Billy Crystal’s Oscars Gig: The Twitter-verse Reacts

The public expresses joy, uneasiness and mirth at the “When Harry Met Sally” star’s return to the Academy Awards stage

Billy Crystal slyly broke the news that he'll be hosting the Oscars for the ninth time via his Twitter account today, so it's only natural that the Twitter community should react in the way they know best — with smart-ass remarks limited to 140 characters or less.

With news that Crystal had replaced Eddie Murphy, the Tweet-happy masses poured forth with their thoughts.

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Check out a few of the more choice tweets below.

Riffing on the Internet campaign to get Kermit the Frog and his felt-covered friends installed as hosts for this year's Oscars, @Breznican pondered, "But will it be a Muppet version of Billy Crystal?"

Many made note of the fact that Crystal — and Murphy, for that matter — is, um, of a certain era. "Billy Crystal is replacing Eddie Murphy as host of the Oscars," @MCarnerlengo reflected. "This year has been crazy! Only two more months until 1986!"

@Koomdog, meanwhile, gave a shout-out to Crystal's fellow '80s-era "Saturday Night Live alum, writing, "I thought Joe Piscopo would step up."

@FrankLongo reflected on Crystal's trademark Oscars opening sequences, writing, "When I die, I want Billy Crystal to host my funeral, and begin the ceremony with a clever musical mash-up of scenes from my life."

@Brandorogers, meanwhile, took a dig at Crystal's age (he's 63), joking, "The Academy has verified that Billy Crystal is only mostly dead."

Not everybody was thrilled with the prospect of Crystal returning to the Oscars stage. A tweeter by the name of @ToulasTake lamented, "I like Billy Crystal, I do. But haven't we already been there done that a million times? Couldn't #Oscars have gone with a little more edge?"

@CigarsNScotch offered several thoughts on the choice of Crystal, most of them cranky.

"Can this Oscar host announcement finally be the start of the long overdue backlash against Billy Crystal?" @CigarsNScotch initially noted, before adding, "I find it fitting that this year's Oscars will be another sh—y remake of prior Oscars. I hope Footloose wins big!!"