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Billy Dee Williams Makes Triumphant Return as Colt 45 Pitchman (Video)

Beloved malt-liquor spokesman is ready to make it work one more time

Will Billy Dee Williams work every time as a Colt 45 spokesman? We’ll find out soon enough.

“The Empire Strikes Back” star Williams is returning as a pitchman for the malt liquor brand in a new campaign that will spread his ultra-smooth presence across print, digital and video content.

Williams initially made a splash as a malt-liquor spokesman in the ’80s, touting the Colt 45 brand in a series of popular ads that carried the tagline, “Works every time.”

That line is being resurrected in the new campaign.

“I’ve enjoyed my long association with Colt 45, and it’s my pleasure to, once again, support this iconic beer,” Williams said of the new campaign. “I’ve always found Colt 45 to be a high quality and deeply satisfying beverage. This new campaign gives me the opportunity to speak to a wider audience and remind people that this classic product is here to stay.”

A video teaser for the campaign makes heavy reference to Williams’ previous stint as a Colt 45 spokesman, with the actor intoning, “Change isn’t always a good thing, when you got it right the first time around. Sometimes a true original doesn’t need to change a thing.”

Crack one open and welcome Williams back while watching the video below.