Billy Eichner, Seth Meyers Terrorize People in the Street With Emmy Trivia (Video)

Comedian and host hit the streets running to quiz people about the Emmys

Billy Eichner brought his unique brand of in-your-face comedy to the streets of New York for a special Emmys short, and he dragged show host Seth Meyers along with him.

With the lofty prize set at a single dollar, he assailed innocent people simply trying to get from here to there to ask them “important” questions about the Emmys broadcast, nominees and even its host.

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One person couldn’t identify the host, even after Eichner offered the hint that he was standing right there. “Seth … MacFarlane?” he asked.

In another slight to Myers, Eichner asked one passerby who their favorite late-night host was. Even with Meyers among the options, the favorite choice was Jimmy Fallon.

Some were excited to see Meyers, though, which only served to frustrate Eichner all the more. If he’s trying to talk about “Judging Amy” and you’re excited to see the host of “Late Night,” he has no time for you.

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It wasn’t exclusively Emmy talk, though, as he also brought out a collection jar to try and raise funds for the poor cast of “The Big Bang Theory” after contract negotiations delayed the production start for the hit CBS comedy. Even better, he got a donation.

The piece worked as both a fun bit for the Emmy broadcast and a brilliant promo for what Eichner does on his own Funny or Die series, “Billy on the Street.” Both featured an almost friendly assault of innocent people, with many genuinely startled and frightened by him jamming a microphone into their faces to ask silly questions.