Billy Zane Haunts Vanessa Angel in First Trailer for Indie Thriller ‘Trouble Sleeping’ (Video)

“Stomp the Yard” and “Code Name: The Cleaner” filmmaker Robert Adetuyi wrote and directed the movie

“Stomp the Yard” filmmaker Robert Adetuyi has released the first trailer for the darkly comedic thriller “Trouble Sleeping,” which stars Billy Zane and Vanessa Angel.

The film is a Fex/Adetuyi Production that was produced by Greg McKay and Roger Fex. It was financed independently, and all domestic and foreign rights are available.

“Trouble Sleeping” is described as a psychological thriller with a twisted sense of humor in the vein of the Coen brothers’ movies.

Tormented by the memories of her late-husband’s suicide, Vanessa’s life is further complicated by the arrival of her step-son, who will soon inherit all of his father’s wealth.

Zane (“Titanic”) and Angel (“Kingpin”) are joined by Rick Otto and Fred Stoller, as well as newcomers Kale Clauson and Ingrid Eskeland.

Adetuyi’s other features include, Sony’s “You Got Served: Beat the World,” New Line’s “Turn It Up” starring Ja Rule and Jason Statham, and New Line’s “Code Name: The Cleaner” starring Cedric the Entertainer and Lucy Liu.