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Billy Zane Thinks ‘Heartbroken’ Zayn Malik Tweets Are for Him in Hilarious Funny or Die Short (Video)

”Titanic“ actor steals blockbuster’s Celine Dion theme song to calm ”his“ grieving fans down

Near, far, wherever you are — “Titanic” actor Billy Zane is here for his fans. Or at least the Twitter users that he wrongly believes to be his fans.

In a hilarious Funny or Die short, Zane mistakes the recent huge spike in tweets about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction to be an inexplicably sudden outpouring of misspelled support for him.

“I had no idea that all of my fans are hysterical 14-year-old girls,” he said. “But I wanted to take this opportunity to read some of your generous, and curiously heartbroken tweets.”

When he did just that, he discovered that no one knows how to spell his name correctly.

“Look, I don’t want to be nit-picky, but just for the sake of record, it’s Z-a-n-e, not Z-a-y-n,” he added. “Your generation has a lot of great qualities … attention to detail, not one of them.”

#AlwaysInOurHeartsZayn was still trending high on Twitter Friday morning.

Watch the video:

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