‘Birds of Prey’ Screenwriter on Post-#MeToo Climate: ‘Now Everything Has Shifted’

San Diego Comic-Con 2018: “Just because Patty Jenkins kicked a–, it doesn’t mean everything’s fixed,” writer says, referencing “Wonder Woman” director

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Screenwriter Christina Hodson said during an appearance at Comic-Con 2018 that she has mixed feelings about how much things have changed in the #MeToo era.

Asked if the’s feeling optimistic about the state of things during Friday’s “The Future of Film Is Female” panel, Hodson (“Bumblebee,” “Birds of Prey”) said: “I am both yes and no.”

“Yes, in that I think some behaviors are really gonna change,” she said. “Just walking in here, I saw on Twitter — no, I’m not on social media, but someone sent it to me — a waitress on CTTV, a guy walks past her, grabs her butt, and she takes him down!”

Hodson added, “Amazing. And not only did she do that, he then gets arrested and charged and fined.”

“Nine months ago, no one gave a s—. Like, no one cares what happens. Now everything has shifted. So I think behavior on set, in writers’ rooms, that’s all going to shift. So I’m very happy about that.”

However, Hodson thinks the studios still have a way to go, particularly in hiring female directors.

“Just because we’re talking about it now and just because [“Wonder Woman” director] Patty Jenkins kicked a–, it doesn’t mean everything’s fixed. And I think we just gotta be mindful. But one or two big movies, like out there front and center, don’t change the fact that the numbers are really, really bad.”

Hodson wrote the script for Paramount’s upcoming “Transformers” spinoff “Bumblebee” and is writing Warner Bros.’ in-development “Birds of Prey. She [reviously made the Black List three different times since turning to writing following a stint as a development executive. One of those, her spec script “The Eden Project,” sold in a deal to Sony and Material Pictures. Hodson has also written a reboot of “The Fugitive” for Warner Bros. and producer Arnold Kopelson.