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‘SNL’ Lampoons First Black ‘Bachelorette’ Season in Sketch Cut for Time (Video)

Yes, contestant Chris Pine HAS used the N-word — but he’s got a completely reasonable explanation

ABC must be pretty proud of itself for finally casting a black “Bachelorette” — or at least, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” seems to think its competitor is.

Lorne Michaels’ sketch-comedy staple mocked the upcoming season this past weekend, though the skit was cut for time. Thankfully, the Internet exists for such a reason.

First up, Beck Bennett’s Peter uses his initial meeting with Rachel (Sasheer Zamata) to brag that he’s made out with a black girl before. Of course, the necking sesh was in a dark club, so he actually didn’t notice her skin color until later.

It got worse from there, especially host Chris Pine’s multiple attempts to woo the charming and accomplished lawyer.

“I have said the word,” he admits on his second go-around, “but only when I sing along to rap music.”

“Now, are they raps I write myself? Yes,” Pine’s character continues. “Do I feel cool when I say it? Absolutely.”

“We both have something in common,” he explains on his final pitch. “We are both systematically oppressed. White males are the new minority.”

There were plenty of other losers for Rachel to choose from. At the end, she was relieved to finally see an African-American male, though Kenan Thompson turned out to be the least-dateable of them all.

Watch the video above.

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